1. Learn more about Smart Meters and their effects on the Internet.

2. Send a letter via Certified Mail to FPL or JEA stating that you absolutely do not want a Smart Meter installed on your property.

3. Send a letter to all of your municipal and state representatives requesting a ban or ordinance on Smart Meters.

4. Put a sticker or a cover over your analog meter stating that you do not authorize its removal for a Smart Meter.

5. Pass this information on to your neighbors, friends and co-workers.


  1. what can we do to have a Smart Meter removed after TECO has installed it? Is it legal for me to have it replaced with an analog meter and send TECO their Smart meter back to them?

    1. If we all start doing what we know is right and just, for the good of our health and the continuation of the earth.as we know it, and we just ALL, or alot of us replaced our, smart, meters, the companies that are suppose to be working for us, would be forced to begin doing so once again!

  2. I am in the same situation. TECO installed a smart meter without my knowledge on 10/22/11. Since then I haven't been able to sleep well, I've had headaches, a constant ringing in my ears and fear the RF's are also affecting my family. What can we do? TECO is basically refusing to change it back to the analog meter. The PSC is saying they aren't responsible for this and says to contact the FCC. Passing the buck. I even offered to pay for an analog meter and installation. The TECO rep said that would be tampering. What???? Tampering??? These arrogant SOB's believe they have every right to trespass onto our properties at anytime to workon our homes, but if we even touch their Smart Meter we will be charged with a crime. This is tyranny if I've ever seen it.

    1. Hello, I agree. America needs to wake up and fight back. Privatized companies like big banks, corporations of sorts, etc. have had the monopoly over us too long. They will keep on violating our rights until they take full control of people, unless we do something about it. This has been going on too long. I read from information about this that there is no Federal Madate stating we have to allow it. We can object. When we don't know better, we are taken advantage of. I didn't know, and I was getting a bad feeling about it. A few days later after mine got installed, I started experiencing strange things in my home. beeping sound from my closet,(meter faces my closet wall that faces my bed) my cell phone, my portable phone in my kitchen. My smoke alarm in my bedroom went off several times waking me up. Started getting ringing in my right ear. Have awakened fatigued when I got plenty of sleep and had to force myself to get up. I found out from research that those things have happened to people. The dangerous radiation from these meters can sterilize people and cause cancer and birth defects. I am going in person and addressing it. If they do not respect my wish, I will address it through the T.V. News. I recommend get a tape recorder, go in person, get their names and times. If you can get witnesses, get them. videotape them if you can. Try to find advocates. They are on Youtube. I watched several videos. I think I need to get their names and phone numbers. whatever documentation I need to back me up if I even have to go that far.

  3. What happens if you do not install. and then decided to change and have it install at a later date do you have to pay.

  4. I sent the letter above scanned it in as a pdf and emailed her saying I am sending you a copy of this letter that has been sent by certified mail to:

    Recently, we have been invited to contact Heidi Ellenberger at FPL regarding smart meters for Florida:

    Heidi Ellenberger
    Florida Power & Light
    Regulatory Customer Relations Manager
    9250 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33174
    (305) 552-2950

    I was contacted the very next day which was today by FPL saying we have been put on a hold list until 2013 and then I said what happens then? They said they will determine what to do with the ones who refuse because the letter states clear trespassing laws so once you send that I think you should be good for a little bit. They asked if they could send me there info saying all the info I have is false.

    For the ones who already have it installed maybe reword that letter talking about the law they violated by trespassing. (Some food for thought)

  5. My smartmeter was already installed before I received this information about their dangers. I want mine out. I saw the you tube video (among several others). www.youtube.com/watch?V=fqD7fIAorNG&feature=youtu.be An installer was videotaped and when asked about removal, he stated that it would cost $68 for the removal, and after the or an analogue meter gets put back, that it would cost an additional monthly charge of $26 for a meter reader to come to your home. I thought I saw two videos where people got arrested for refusing. This is absurd.

  6. what I was told from Florida Power and Electricity (FPL):

    • There is not an option
    • Not putting people in danger, nothing been proven and the
    work started in 2007
    • Their deployment is almost complete and will be complete by
    2013 next year.
    • Can temporarily remove my smart meter but not gonna get an
    analog back because they’re not being made anymore.
    • They will install a digital meter (that doesn’t have a two-
    way radio like the smart meter they put on my home) that will
    have a window and will still be able to be read. The digital
    meter (offered in place of it) does not have a radio in it.
    • Temporarily remove what I have and until they can come up
    with a solution for those with health concerns, until a
    solution is available, like an opt out option, they will
    inform us.
    • Until they can determine what to do for those with health
    concerns. They are not going to be benefiting like everyone
    • Even if I didn’t have the smart meter, I would be exposed
    anyway from my neighbors and others meters.

    I asked her if I could talk privately with her via her personal phone number and she said I could only talk with her via her work phone because it pertained to the subject of the smart meters having to do with her work.

  7. Big News for FPL Customers!

    The Florida Public Service Commission is holding service hearings for customer input. The PSC states that “The purpose of these service hearings is to take testimony from the public on the quality and adequacy of FPL's service and other matters related to FPL's petition for a rate increase.”

    These are hearings for customer input to the PSC regarding “Petition for increase in rates by Florida Power & Light Company.” Smart meters have EVERYTHING to do with the proposed changes in rates. Please do not hesitate to speak up about smart meters. We need to show there are many people who do not want them, ever, under any circumstances. The time is NOW.

    When speaking or writing about your objections to smart meters, be sure to refer to “problems” or “hazards” and do not use the word “concerns.” Concerns are dismissed and ignored as unsubstantial, while problems and hazards are taken more seriously. Please share this schedule of hearings as quickly as possible, and attend with a friend. It is our best opportunity to be heard.

    SARASOTA - May 31, 2012 - 9:30 am
    Sarasota City Commission Chambers
    Sarasota City Hall - 1565 First St - Sarasota, FL 32436

    FORT MYERS - May 31, 2012 - 6:00 pm
    School Board of Lee County Board Room
    Lee County Education Center - 2855 Colonial Blvd - Fort Myers, FL 33966

    DAYTONA BEACH – June 12, 2012 - 4:00 pm
    Sunset Harbor Yacht Club and Conference Center
    861 Ballough Rd - Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    MELBOURNE - June 13, 2012 - 4:00 pm
    Brevard County Government Center Commission Room, Building C, 1st Floor
    2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way - Melbourne, FL 32940

    WEST PALM BEACH - June 14, 2012 - 4:00 pm
    Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County Auditorium
    7501 North Jog Rd - West Palm Beach, FL 33412

    MIAMI - June 26, 2012 - 9:00 am
    Miami-Dade County Auditorium - 2901 West Flagler St - Miami, FL 33135

    MIAMI GARDENS - June 26, 2012 - 4:00 pm
    Florida Memorial University - Lou Rawls Auditorium
    15800 NW 42nd Av - Miami Gardens, FL 33054

    PLANTATION - June 27, 2012 - 9:00 am
    Plantation City Council Chambers - 400 NW 73rd Av - Plantation, FL 33317

    FORT LAUDERDALE - June 27, 2012 - 4:00 pm
    Broward County Main Library Auditorium - 100 S. Andrews Av - Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

    FPL’s marketing newsletter on proposed rate changes. Page 4 lists dates and locations of the hearings: http://www.fpl.com/news/news_and_notes/pdf/eNewsApr_May12Rates.pdf

    The following is text from the Florida Public Service Commission document of May 2nd, found here:

    NOTICE is hereby given that the Florida Public Service Commission will hold service hearings in the above docket on the rates and charges of Florida Power & Light Company. The hearings will commence at the time and location shown below and will continue until all witnesses have been heard. CUSTOMERS WHO WISH TO PRESENT TESTIMONY ARE URGED TO APPEAR PROMPTLY AT EACH SCHEDULED HEARING TIME SINCE THE HEARING MAY BE ADJOURNED EARLY IF NO WITNESSES ARE PRESENT TO TESTIFY.

    The purpose of these service hearings is to take testimony from the public on the quality and adequacy of FPL's service and other matters related to FPL's petition for a rate increase. The procedure at these hearings shall be as follows: The Company will present a brief summary of its case and then members of the public may present testimony. Members of the public who wish to present testimony are urged to appear promptly at each scheduled hearing time since the hearing may be adjourned early if no witnesses are present to testify. All witnesses shall be subject to cross examination at the conclusion of their testimony.

  8. just an fyi I am a teenager, but I am very aware of the smart meter, and I was the one who discovered and told my family of this issue. Once I had found out I told my family and we had found a number and called to have it removed. two days later someone came to take it out, and my grandmother said it only took the guy two minutes. I ended up looking after I got home to see if it had happened (because I personally don't believe corporations would be so willingly to let us not adapt to their new products) and just some box was broken and open and wires were pulled out. the actual meter was still digital. I don't know a lot of electrical stuff but I had seen a video where people actually recorded the technician switching out the smart meter and putting analog back in. I had my grandmother call again, although willing to do it myself, and they said that theres some sort of barcode or number that has it registered not as a smart meter. now first of all, just because its not registered as one doesn't mean it isn't one, and second of all it still isn't analog, its digital. I did research and from what I found it might be a Landis & Gyr type MX electromechanical, but from what I could find it doesn't sound safe still.

    is there any other phone number I could call to have analog put back in? is the Landis & Gyr type MX electromechanical safe? or is there really just no hope?

    1. It is a Smart Meter in disguise. Radio Frequency is the key
      ProductsProduct Portfolio North America
      ◦Residential Meters
      ◦Advanced Metering
      ◦Commercial and Industrial
      ◦Grid Meters
      ◦K-Base meters
      ◦Distribution Automation
      ◦Legacy Products
      ◦Meter sockets and mounting devices
      ◦Optical Probes
      ◦Product Standards MX Family
      Single-phase electromechanical meter Introduced over a century ago, electromechanical meter technology remains the most efficient means of measuring kilowatt-hours. The MX induction meter series by Landis+Gyr is equipped with enough built-in capabilities to keep pace with future technology upgrades. The MX single-phase meter has the accuracy you need and the durability to last 30 years. It's the most reliable and cost-effective meter you'll find.

      Landis+Gyr Inc. designed the MX to not only yield more features and reliability, but to contain fewer parts and more space for add-ons. This means lower profile, lighter weight, easier handling and higher reliability.

      DXMX: Combines all the features and functions of the MX series with demand and time-of-use capabilities and recorder options with up to 32k of memory.

      DEMX: The TouchRead remote meter reading system provides a solution for hard-to-read accounts by allowing meter reading access.

      Cellnet MX: The Cellnet MX endpoint leverages Cellnet's Bi-ASIC Meter Module (BAMM), communicating via advanced RF and digital technology.

      Hunt Technologies MX: Installation of the Hunt Technologies TS1 transmitter.

      OMRMX: A key component in Itron's Genesis System for immediate off-site or mobile meter reading

    2. Can you please contact me at jenrelaxing@live.com
      I became ill from wireless radiation, am a former architect and would like to talk to you. You sound quite intelligent. Feel free to leave me your telephone number and address. I want to learn more about the status of opt out and so forth in Florida so I can build a small cabin in a safe place.

  9. Health warning of Dr.David Carpenter: 2 min.

    Health warning of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine:

    Florida company ready to gather personal data and monetize your private information:


    Smart meters are a violation of the 4th Amendment. Contact your county commissioners (chances are FPL got to them first) and your state and federal elected officials today. Call for full legal state hearings. The planned workshop in Sept.is not needed when most FL ulitities have completed installation. If your meter is an AMR or an MMR it is still a microwave radiation emitting device.

    What rights are you ready to give up next?

  10. I had a FPL contractor pound on my door this morning to install my smart-meter. I told him I declined to have it installed due to fire and health risks. He told me it doesn't matter I will eventually have to have it installed and FPL will charge me to come out and read my meter until it is changed. That is the first I have ever heard of being charged. Anyone else have info on this>?

    1. Other states have put in opt-out provisions and yes they charge them a one time fee to opt out and monthly fee to manually read the meter.
      Please write/call both the Governor and the Florida Public Service Commission.
      Stop the smart meters and no opt out fees!

  11. wow... you guys are all paranoid nutbags... been smoking the mariJuana much? you realize these transmit it the miliwatt range and your average radio station transmits in the megawatt range? your cellphone or wifi or your neighbors cell or wigo have far more powerful transmitters... if you have cancer or can't sleep at night it isn't from your smartmeter. see a doctor... or better yet a shrink

    1. You need to get an education to make such comments.

    2. As a consumer it doesn't matter if we are "paranoid" or justified in our feelings/beliefs. We should have a right to decide what kind of products and services we want to purchase and not have them dictated to us by a monopoly. This is ultimately about consumer rights and these utility companies are violating our right to choice.

    3. Buy a radiation meter and see how much radiation this have , I have cancer and I have been inject i131 you may don't know what is this because you are

    4. The miliwatts are far more dangerous, our bodies respond to ELF waves...therefore you assumption is incorrect , ignorant and unnecessarily sarcastic. It shows your level of intelligence or lack there of.

    5. Everyones body acts differently to different things and situations.
      Just like how your peanut brain made you write the dribble above, look in the mirror, wipe the shit from your chin and simply say I'm a F#C*ING DICKHEAD!!

    6. All RF dangers aside, these meters are a form of surveylance and are Federally unlawful under 18 USC Chapter 119 - WIRE AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS INTERCEPTION - Wiretapping.

  12. Hello,
    Has anyone here purchased an EMF detector? I live in a condo and have 40 meters outside my door. I'm very concerned after researching this for the past 2 weeks. My condo board is trying to get them removed but were not sure of the outcome as of yet. Can you rent these meters anywhere?

    1. Not yet. But PLEASE e-mail Rick Scott and express concerns, the more the better. I approached him at a recent meet and greet and gave him a packet of info asking him to get Attorney General & Dept of Health involved. he said he would read it. (I have 10 meters hanging outside my bedroom wall).
      Squeaky wheels get the grease.
      Also, write the Florida Public Service Commission - they are holding a mtg Sept 20th on smart meters in Tallahassee. They need to hear from you too.

  13. fix the leaking pipe while the dam is bursting...

  14. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation

  15. Washington, DC PEPCO Smart Meter Going Haywire - (Measured by Trifield Meter on 2/16/12)


    and you want us to sleep next to this thing?

  16. I have to agree with everything in this post. Thanks for the useful information.smart home technology

  17. I just found out about these things. I am very emf sensitive. I can stand by wires and feel the frequency. What can I do now to have FPL remove this. This is terrible! I wasnt fooled by microwave ovens and I wont be fooled by this. I have wrapped the back and front of it in double lead tape. Perhaps that will afford some temporary protection.

  18.  “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer's life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court, and 20+ other Supreme court rulings defend thee act. Im not blood lusting but use this a s reinforcement in your letters.

  19. It's clear to me that we are completely disempowered as humans on this planet. The greed of some under the guise of "corporations" have rendered us helpless. Remember Michael Jackson's We are the World? Thought it was going to help starving children in Africa? Where did all the money go? Thought FEMA was going to help hurricane and earthquake victims in Haiti and New Orleans? Where did all the money go? If we can't even decide what gadgets get placed on our homes that we work hard to pay for, then we might as well bend over and take it up the butt.

  20. i just stumbled upon this site and wonder. i believe i have a smart meter installed Itron Centron Watt-hour meter C1SR i think is the exact model number.

    anyways today half of the power to my house went out and after checking the breakers and having everything look fine i did a little research and ran into a site that said my incoming power supply might be faulty so i called up the power company. to my surprise they came out in about 90 mins or so to check it out (not sure why so fast, but maybe because its a smart meter).

    he opened the meter box and found the problem. but one of the wires had burnt/melted right off the bolt that held it on, he claims it likely was not tightened down right.

    i don't think this is correct since the meter box had been there since before i moved in the house and when a electrical service upgrade was done in 2006 i don't think that box was changed out. the only difference is they put in the digital meter from when i had an anolog one before.

    i got online and was looking at some pictures of damage caused by smart meters and to me it looks the same i have a wire thats melted off and of course i am goign to have to be the one to fix it.

    i am thinking when i get this fix i have to call them back to bring out a new meter since he said its likely that one is damaged that i might ask for one thats not a fire hazzard.

    i just wonder if theres any updates on anything. this was installed when my power company was progress energy but this year they changed their name to duke energy.

    wondering what if anything i should do




  21. Geneva, Florida… Today I had a FPL employee trying to install a smart-meter again this makes the 3rd time. This is well after sending the certified letter to FPL, and was told by him my digital-meter needed maintenance and he was going to remove my meter and if I didn’t want the new smart-meter installed he would replace it with another digital-meter that had been serviced, I was told by this employee that FPL couldn’t guarantee how long this digital replacement meter would last, but if it failed in the future they would have to install the new smart-meter…I told FPL to please remove himself from my property, but again I was told by this FPL employee that the meters belong to FPL and they would come out and remove my meter and leave me with no electrical power at all…again I asked him to leave my property and he did so. In forty years I have never had a power company come out to service my home digital meter. I believe this is just another scam to get the smart-meter installed.


  22. For those of you that still have analog meters keep them. Install o cover or a strap over your meter. The strap is your property and legally no one can cut it off.

  23. Fpl Is forcing me to put a smart meter on or charge me hundred and some dollars more per month by the end of the month

  24. We need this monitoring device in our home. Where is our freedom? I will not pay a fee to keep our health - This electric company is a monopoly - We need a CHANGE!!

  25. What people don't realize is that the smart meter gives FPL the ability to charge you different rates throughout the day. They will charge a higher rate during peak hours because the smart meter tells them exactly what time of day you are using power and how much of it you're using. They already had a "TEST" program for this in Dade County about 2 years ago. It's all about them making even more money. Check them out on theYahoo finance page. Their stock symbol is NEE, not FPL. That changed a few years ago too. Get ready to pay more with peak demand rates via your smart meter. That's their next step. Gotta love it.

  26. Customers of FPL can now "opt out" of smart meter. Must choose "Non-Standard Meter" option. If you refused the smart meter, FPL will be sending you a letter soon. More info at the following links. Check back to both sites for updates as information comes in and responses evolve.



  27. As an InterNachi certified Florida licensed home inspector, I inform every home owner/buyer of the negative effects of smart meters. It's sad that "smart people" have to deal with dumb meters. A recent call to FP&L asking for more information about their product resulted in a packet with a study done by Matthew J Butcher, an engineer from Virginia?
    I realize smart meters are being installed all over the USA. But the study was done for FLORIDA P&L. Couldn't a Florida engineer be used?
    It also should be known that I stopped a smart meter installer from putting a meter on my house. He had not seen any list with names of people who had opted out??? I asked what his background was. I figured an electrician would be the most logical answer. He was happy to say he was a cop from Chicago. He has 3 weeks’ vacation time and was getting paid well to switch out meters!
    How can we stop these meters from being installed? This problem needs to be addressed by someone with a backbone, willing to stand up to FP&L.

  28. I opted out from the Smart Meter when they first announced they would be installing them in Palm Coast. I just paid the $95 registration fee and $13 recurring tariff for June. I believe it was a mistake to pay this extortion fee. At the same time I suspect they installed a Smart Meter on my house some time back. I called at the time to express my concern when I first noticed that it didn’t have the spinning disks and dials of old. I was told that it was an updated analog meter. The party I spoke with said all the Smart Meters were silver (or gray) and blue, while mine is all silver/gray. I still remain suspicious and just purchased an RF detector from the Internet, which I will use to test if there is any RF being emitted from my meter. My question to anyone: Does anyone know of an attorney who would be willing to represent me if in fact they did install a Smart Meter after acknowledging that I had opted out and also for then charging me extortion fees as well? Of course, I’d be hoping to pay after winning a judgment. Also, does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against FPL or any other party who is responsible for pushing these dangerous meters down our throats?

  29. Hello friends, does anyone Know if in Tampa we have the option to opt out of the digital meters or revert back if we have already been converted. It seems like most everyone has and no one here seems to know the negative effects of the digital meters? If anyone can point me to some info, it would help.

  30. I'd like to know if Sarasota has a TRUE OPT OUT of smart meters option?

  31. Hi,

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  32. do the shields work?

  33. What you need to do is follow this example, in a group or as alone:
    Watch InPower Episode 1: A Mass Action of Liability

    Watch InPower Episode 2: Notice of Liability Walkthrough

  34. PROPAGANDA: “F.P.L. (Fla. Power & Light Co.) has filed a proposal with the Florida Public Service Commission (P.S.C.) to offer, for a cost-based fee, a nonstandard meter to customers who do not want our standard electric meter. Please note that smart meters offer a number of benefits that are not available with the alternative, non-standard meter, and future service enhancements may only be available to customers with smart meters.”

    CONCERNING “SMART” METERS ~ Like second-hand smoke, E.M.F. and R.F./M.W. radiation involve complex mixtures, where different frequencies, intensities, durations of exposure(s), modulation, waveform and other factors are known to produce variable effects, often more harmful with greater complexity. Decades of scientific study have produced substantial evidence that E.M.F. and R.F./M.W. radiation may be considered neurotoxic, carcinogenic and genotoxic. Sources of fields and radiation, but are not limited to: power lines, navigational radar, cell phones, cordless phones [or Digitally Encoded Cordless Transmission Devices (D.E.C.T.) phones], cell towers, "smart" meters and their grids or infrastructure, “smart” boards, meters and grids, WiMax and wireless internet (WI-FI).
    David O. Carpenter, M.D.
    Director, Institute for Health and the Environment
    University at Albany

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  36. I have been going back and forth with TECO to remove the smart meter. They are playing games and not removing it. It is under my 4 year old's bed!! HELP

    Per their website they with remove it not charge to me but all they do it call me telling me it does not produce as high emfs as the other meter. EXCUSES

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  40. Please help flood our local, county and state representatives with the following letter (make your own modifications):

    Dear Representative

    I am writing to urge you to provide an Opt-Out of Smart Meter installations which were installed without consent of home owners in our communities, county and state. Additionally, I am writing to ask you to prevent/stop the installation of 5G technologies and to reduce and limit the number of cell tower installations in our neighborhoods. I appreciate the efforts to move towards a reduction of energy consumption, however, this fast moving rollout of the smart grid has not afforded science the time to truly study health effects as well as environmental effects.

    Most of the studies done that claim that the Smart Grid is safe were done on thermal effects only; but studies involving non thermal effects are emerging every day and pointing towards serious health problems. People are already fleeing from the smart grid, with health complaints that include heart palpitations, vertigo, migraines, insomnia, tinnitus and even more serious problems including heart attacks, defibrillator shut offs, cancer and miscarriages. The sheer number of these complaints should be raising alarms that more studies need to be done.

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has called for extreme caution citing peer-reviewed studies and stating that “significant harmful biological effects occur from non‐thermal RF exposure. Genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein and peptide damage, kidney damage, and developmental effects have all been reported in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. “

    Dr. Pall’s recent paper in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine shows a strong link between EMF exposures and a disruption of the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels and goes a long way towards explaining the symptoms and complaints listed above. The WHO/IARC lists Radio Frequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. But people are being harmed right now as evidenced by the complaints cited to the California Public Utilities Commission and other PUC’s across the country. Thanks to Dr. Pall’s paper, we now have valid explanations as to why this is happening.

    Environmentally, there are also concerns that this smart grid is creating a different kind of pollution that will create a completely different set of environmental problems. There are even studies showing that this electrical pollution is a contributing factor to the Colony Collapse Disorder in Bees.

    Lastly, I’d like to encourage you to open investigations on both short and long term NON Thermal health effects of Smart Grid and EMF exposures. Sadly, once the Smart Grid is fully in place, it will likely be too late to study the effects of it. It will be almost impossible to show cause and effect to health complaints because the high levels of Radio Frequency Radiation will be everywhere. It will also be expensive and difficult to undo. Please stop this nonsense now! Provide us with options to have this technology removed from our property and from our communities and neighborhoods!


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  42. We just moved here to Melbourne Beach. Is it still possible to get your smart meter removed? It came with the house. After seeing a possible connection of the California fires and the exploding smart meters I just don't want the danger in my house. I also don't like the idea of being monitored. I don't wake up feeling rested. Anybody else move here and get their smart meter removed? Are they still charging exorbitant fees? Are we powerless to have this done? I just watched a YouTube called the cooking of humanity. Pretty creepy to find out we are being exposed to all this dangerous cancer-causing EMF.

  43. Stupid Idiot LudditeMarch 19, 2019 at 9:21 AM

    Hello. I am also a stupid idiot and think this Smart Meter will kill me. Sign me up.