Ultimately Consumers should have the Right to decide for themselves what is safe or suitable for their household. We should be given Opt-Out ability since we do not have the option to change utility companies.

FPL Headquarters
Florida Power & Light Company Inc.
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, FL 33408-2683

Heidi Ellenberger
Regulatory Customer Relations Manager
c/o Florida Power & Light
9250 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33174
(305) 552-2950

Florida Governor
Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol

400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Rep.Scott PlakonChair of the Energy and Utility Sub Committee

FL Office of Public Counsel


St. Augustine City Commission
Joseph L. Boles - Mayor
19 Riberia St., St. Aug., FL 32084
Business phone: (904) 824-4278

Leanna Freeman - Vice Mayor
236 San Marco Ave., St. Aug., FL 32084
Business phone:  (904) 829-1960
Fax:  (904) 829-5773

Errol D. Jones – Commissioner

Nancy Sikes-Kline - Commissioner
Cell phone: (904) 806-6203

William "Bill" Leary - Commissioner
28 E. Park Ave., St. Aug., FL 32084

St. John’s County Commission
Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
500 San Sebastian View
St. Augustine, FL. 32084

Please help fill out this contact information. If you know of any important people that should be contacted in your city or area, please contact us at so that it can be added to this page.



  1. I was given a point of contact at FPL. Anyone can call Wilda Leslie at 1-800-516-6250, ext. 4, and opt out and put off their installation of the smart meter.

  2. I was contacted by someone from FPL. Same phone number, different extension. 1-800-516-6250 ext.93. Shawna is her name.

  3. The email address was returned by mailer demon

  4. I would like to opt out the smart meter Fpl installed in the middle of the night ! The smart meter is 6 feet on the outside wall, from my bed! Who can I contact, I live in Hollywood Florida...Thank you for responding...

  5. Carol Harzinski-Byerly
    "Regulatory and executive Response" Supervisor
    305 552-3149

    from elsewhere on this site in the comments.

  6. Smart grid TECHNOCRACY wakin up!

  7. Re: FPL Smart-Meter

    To: FPL Complaint Department

    Geneva, Florida… Today I had a FPL employee trying to install a smart-meter again this makes the 3rd time. This is well after sending the certified letter to FPL, and was told by him my digital-meter needed maintenance and he was going to remove my meter and if I didn’t want the new smart-meter installed he would replace it with another digital-meter that had been serviced, I was told by this employee that FPL couldn’t guarantee how long this digital replacement meter would last, but if it failed in the future they would have to install the new smart-meter…I told FPL to please remove himself from my property, but again I was told by this FPL employee that the meters belong to FPL and they would come out and remove my meter and leave me with no electrical power at all…again I asked him to leave my property and he did so. In forty years I have never had a power company come out to service my home digital meter when I didn’t have a problem. I will not be threatened by FPL.

    This is no Joke!

  8. is this happening state wide anyone know about tampa area how to find out


  10. I, too, am angry about smart meters and the arrogant behavior of FP&L. Its time to be as bold as to press criminal charges on select employees of the company. These fees to opt out of the "standard meter" (i.e. smart meter) is extortion, a felony under Florida Statues 836.05. If FP&L claims immunity, it would only apply to civil law. They are not above criminal statues.

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  11. I opted out from the Smart Meter when they first announced they would be installing them in Palm Coast. I just paid the $95 registration fee and $13 recurring tariff for June. I believe it was a mistake to pay this extortion fee. At the same time I suspect they installed a Smart Meter on my house some time back. I called at the time to express my concern when I first noticed that it didn’t have the spinning disks and dials of old. I was told that it was an updated analog meter. The party I spoke with said all the Smart Meters were silver (or gray) and blue, while mine is all silver/gray. I still remain suspicious and just purchased an RF detector from the Internet, which I will use to test if there is any RF being emitted from my meter. My question to anyone: Does anyone know of an attorney who would be willing to represent me if in fact they did install a Smart Meter after acknowledging that I had opted out and also for then charging me extortion fees as well? Of course, I’d be hoping to pay after winning a judgment. Also, does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against FPL or any other party who is responsible for pushing these dangerous meters down our throats?

  12. I'm trying to find a Florida attorney to sue FPL and FPSC for letting this happen, who regulates FPL fees especially on the disabled. I will not and can't afford to pay for accomadations from FPL I'm suer the CEO"S of FPL still gets there bonus checks each month, I can be reached at

  13. There are more and more people getting on board with this and soon there WILL be a class action suit and criminal charges brought. I just had my smart meter replaced on Friday 7/10/14. It was replaced with a "digital meter" and I was told by William Rodriguez at FPL that they are phasing out analog and going digital. I was suspicious of this and even though another FPL employee showed up yesterday 7/14/14 to replace it with a smart meter (I stopped him) even though that was a bit encouraging my radiation detection device still logged a reading of 1000 off of this meter. This morning I called William Rodriguez back and he told me he could not guarantee that I would get an analog meter because they are phasing them out. He put in a request for the meter. I told him I had bad heart palpitations and needed the meter removed right away. He said he could not guarantee that it would get done. I told him I needed it right away for my heart palpitations were getting worse. He said he could not guarantee it. The power companies have the privilege of feigning absolute ignorance and saying there is nothing wrong when the evidence speaks to the contrary. Just like the tobacco companies there day will come and it's coming a lot faster because of the internet. I feel sorry for the people who work these jobs and do the dirty work. They are not immune. As I said to the guy who came to replace my digital meter with a smart meter, Are you a human being? You're not a robot are you? He said, No I'm not a robot. Then, I said, this affects you too.
    Everyone needs to document there conversations with the power(less) company. and name the names of the people that are being trained to put incorrect information out there. Everyone needs to contact FPL and ask to speak to a consumer advocate (that's what they are called, another misuse of the language) and put in a request to have their meter replaced with an analog. The number is
    800-516-6250. Everyone need to send a certified letter in order to maintain a paper trail. There are letters online to look at this site has one
    Have faith and courage.
    If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience.

  14. Can someone give me an email so I can write FPL about a terribly loud hum now I am picking up on my AM radio? It started 2 days ago, they are building a new subdivision behind my house, not sure if its coming from there. Please advise, not coming from my neighbors either. Email me any info on who to contact at FPL or some other agency even at: frogone(at)gmx(dot)com
    Thank you all for any help in this matter...

  15. I have Duke where I am in Florida for electric. There is no way on God's green Earth that my electric varies the way it does when everything gets unplugged. We need Elon Musk to come in and take over. To hell with this ( excuse me). I have become severely anemic, osteoarthritis, losing my hair, vision problems and pituitary problems since I bought my home 3 years ago. I AM 47!! My bedroom is right above the "meter room" and oddly it interferes with the monitoring devices on my prized poultry- I am fit to be tied or start a war- just let me grab a wig a cane and some protein pills.. But seriously. Everyone seems to be speaking with the wrong people- it scares me enough to think class action lawsuit for another "love canal" debacle- or maybe we could say the angry ocean..

  16. I just requested online to opt out of my smart meter. I want an analog meter that FPL says it no longer furnishes. Is this true? Do I have to buy an analog meter myself.

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