1. Energy Summit in Orlando Oct 26- Oct 28. Rep Plakon, chair of Energy and Utilities Subcommittee will be attending along with all the industry sponsors and lobbyists. This would be a great place to protest!

    "The 2011 Florida Energy Summit, hosted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) October 26 through 28 in Orlando, will be a gathering place where stakeholders assemble to help create and advance policy to further the development of the state's energy industry. The Summit will attract leaders from the energy development, energy provider, agricultural, government, academic and financial communities.

    For the past five years DACS hosted the Farm to Fuel Summit. In 2011, the Florida Legislature moved the responsibilities of the Florida Energy and Climate Commission to DACS, creating the Department’s Office of Energy. With the new addition of the Office of Energy, DACS is expanding its role in the energy sector. As such, the Farm to Fuel Summit has been expanded to the Florida Energy Summit in order to encompass not only agricultural based fuels, but also all renewable energy and conservation activities in the state.

    The primary duties of the Office of Energy are to administer any state and federal energy incentive programs, to promote the development and use of renewable energy resources, to promote energy conservation in all energy sectors and to provide assistance to other state agencies, counties, municipalities and regional planning agencies to further and promote their energy planning activities."

  2. Recently I started having some Health issues that I've never experienced before such as, frequent headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia and ringing in my ears.
    At first I was very perplexed as to why these systems seem to come out of no where. Then I became very concerned that maybe I was sufferring from some kind of dreaded diease or something.
    While surfing the Internet I ran accross a Site that was talking about the dangers of Smart Meters I clicked on it and as I began to see all the information that was being provided I noticed a section on the Health issues regarding Smart Meters.
    That's when I realized where these mysertious systems I was suffering from were actually coming from. It was not from some dreaded diease as I thought, it was coming from the New Smart Meter that had been installed on my Home.

    My question is what can I do about it and can I sue the Electric Company for endangering my Health and the Health of my Family?

  3. Who are the academics who will be at the Orlando Energy Summit? Have they done any actual studies or tests?

  4. Customers of FPL can now "opt out" of smart meter. Must choose "Non-Standard Meter" option. If you refused the smart meter, FPL will be sending you a letter soon. More info at the following links. Check back to both sites for updates as information comes in and responses evolve.

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