Smart Meters will be measuring your electricity usage multiple times per hour and wirelessly sending this information back to your utility provider. This information will allow the study of your usage and can reveal much about your personal habits and daily routine. Such examples include:
What time you get up in the morning
How long you are at work and when you get home
If there is activity in the middle of the night
When you are absent from home for prolonged periods (such as a vacation)
Your activity will be chartable and possibly even predictable over time. You will be able to review this information on FPL or JEA's website, but they will be storing this information in their database and many other people will have access to the records. There has been no indication or assurance (such as a contractual agreement with the utility company) that this data is completely private and confidential.
The utility provider could sell information collected about you to third parties, such as advertisers and the government. Even if your identity is kept anonymous, do you feel comfortable knowing that your personal habits and routine are being watched and documented permanently?


  1. If you are rural and have a well you will be charged more for your use of water.

  2. Jea wont deal and my health is really bad! Headaches and an irregular ekg for the first time in years!

  3. OMG u guys are retarded, radiofrequecy is no radiation so ur headaches are a lie n have nothing to do with a meter. I have one n never get headaches or get ill. I know why major companies do this n its not to invade privacy its to stop theft n tampering of mechanical meter devices cuz people are so ghetto they wanna try n steal or dont want to get disconnected remotely for not being responsible n paying their damn bills on time! U people are ridiculous n i support the smart meters n reason for them.

  4. Typical noob brainwash. Ur bill went up ur just stupid. Enjoy life with reduced ac sucker. LOL rolled out for greenenergy worldwide......... then tell you to stop meter reading. You believe everything you are told slave. Nothing fishy about the smart meter "wold operation". They grow you smoothbrains so you can never fight back.

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