FPL has already begun the installation of controversial “Smart Meters” in south Florida and intends to begin installation in St. Johns County in 2012. Likewise, JEA has indicated their plans to also implement Smart Meters in Jacksonville. Now is the time for action to prevent this from happening.
These new meters pose potential risks to the privacy, safety and health of the entire household and local environment where they are installed.


A Smart Meter is a digital device that reads electricity usage by way of a radio frequency network. It transmits between the meter, your home and the electric company so there is no longer the need for a meter reader to physically visit your property to read an analog meter and document your usage.
The principle behind the Smart Meter is that it will allow consumers to know how much electricity they are using at different times of the day. This is supposed to encourage more efficient electricity consumption and therefore save money on monthly utilities.


Smart Meters will be measuring your electricity usage multiple times per hour and wirelessly sending this information back to your utility provider. This information will allow the study of your usage and can reveal much about your personal habits and daily routine. Such examples include:
What time you get up in the morning
How long you are at work and when you get home
If there is activity in the middle of the night
When you are absent from home for prolonged periods (such as a vacation)
Your activity will be chartable and possibly even predictable over time. You will be able to review this information on FPL or JEA's website, but they will be storing this information in their database and many other people will have access to the records. There has been no indication or assurance (such as a contractual agreement with the utility company) that this data is completely private and confidential.
The utility provider could sell information collected about you to third parties, such as advertisers and the government. Even if your identity is kept anonymous, do you feel comfortable knowing that your personal habits and routine are being watched and documented permanently?


Smart Meters operate wirelessly by pulsing radio frequencies every few seconds, 24-hours per day. They cannot be turned off. This RF is the type of radiation produced by cell phones and microwaves. The utility providers openly admit that this is the same technology, but at a much lower level. However, they omit that you will not only be affected by the device operating at your house, but you will be within range of all of your neighbors Smart Meters. The more neighbors you have increases your exposure to the device radiation.
Across the country people are experiencing heath problems from Smart Meters. Many people have sensitivity to electronic radiation and will suffer ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sleep disruption, headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, skin cancers and fatigue. There are numerous studies that link cancer to exposure of RF radiation. Not to mention that these devices can interfere with pace makers and other medical equipment inside of the home.
Most people are aware of the health risks posed by cell phones and microwaves and these devices are not generally run 24-hours per day. As a consumer you have the right to not use these devices, however you do not have the option with Smart Meters. Tests have been performed to prove that Smart Meter radiation is penetrating the exterior walls and can be found at constant and persistent levels within the interior of the home.


● There have been numerous incidents of fires involving Smart Meters due to their construction and faulty installation.
● Consumers are reporting increases in their monthly utility bill rather than a savings after the installation of a Smart Meter. Since electricity consumption is being monitored in real time instead of once per month, the utility company can regulate and ration electricity usage. This has been documented in many areas of the country.
There are proposals for appliances in the near future to include corresponding technology. They will be able to remit data wirelessly to the utility company about the type of appliance and its usage inside your home.


1. Learn more about Smart Meters and their effects on the Internet.

2. Send a letter via Certified Mail to FPL or JEA stating that you absolutely do not want a Smart Meter installed on your property.

3. Send a letter to all of your municipal and state representatives requesting a ban or ordinance on Smart Meters.

4. Put a sticker or a cover over your analog meter stating that you do not authorize its removal for a Smart Meter.

5. Pass this information on to your neighbors, friends and co-workers.




Ultimately Consumers should have the Right to decide for themselves what is safe or suitable for their household. We should be given Opt-Out ability since we do not have the option to change utility companies.

FPL Headquarters
Florida Power & Light Company Inc.
700 Universe Boulevard
Juno Beach, FL 33408-2683

Heidi Ellenberger
Regulatory Customer Relations Manager
c/o Florida Power & Light
9250 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33174
(305) 552-2950

Florida Governor
Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol

400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Rep.Scott PlakonChair of the Energy and Utility Sub Committee

FL Office of Public Counsel


St. Augustine City Commission
Joseph L. Boles - Mayor
19 Riberia St., St. Aug., FL 32084
Business phone: (904) 824-4278

Leanna Freeman - Vice Mayor
236 San Marco Ave., St. Aug., FL 32084
Business phone:  (904) 829-1960
Fax:  (904) 829-5773

Errol D. Jones – Commissioner

Nancy Sikes-Kline - Commissioner
Cell phone: (904) 806-6203

William "Bill" Leary - Commissioner
28 E. Park Ave., St. Aug., FL 32084

St. John’s County Commission
Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
500 San Sebastian View
St. Augustine, FL. 32084

Please help fill out this contact information. If you know of any important people that should be contacted in your city or area, please contact us at so that it can be added to this page.



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